With a breadth of talent and a vocal range way beyond her years, 10-year-old Brooklyn Fisher is already running laps around artist twice her age. Having already taken the stage at the Nokia Theater in LA and the Apollo Theater in Harlem, featured on multiple national media outlets, the pint-sized soloist is well on her way.

While other children her age are zoning out in front of their televisions taking in cartoons and listening to the sounds of tween-targeted pop artists, Brooklyn is learning and honing her craft — cutting her teeth on the soulful croons of Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse, noting the vocal inflections of strong voices like Jessie J. and Ariana Grande, being inspired by the fancy finger work of instrumentalists/vocalists like Alicia Keys, and dancing along to Beyoncé and Pharrell.

A true product of the digital age, Brooklyn began writing and recording her own original music – on a Nintendo DS – at the age of two. Of course, being so young, she draws inspiration for her music from the people, places, and subjects closest to her. Inspiration for her song “Stop The Hate” came from her own observations of bullying in her school, while the tune “Life Of A Kid” was born of conversations with her own friends and family. But unique to Brooklyn’s singing and songwriting style is her attachment to history. With the ease with which younger generations tend to become detached from their pasts, Brooklyn clings to the stories she’s learned at the foot of her grandmother – stories of slavery, perseverance, and overcoming.

Brooklyn wants to keep learning, keep singing, and expand the reach of her talent. Already having broken into singing, songwriting and “recording,” she wants to branch out into instrumentation, increasing her skill in piano and learning everything that she can about the instruments to become a one-girl musical operation – bringing her own style of jazz and soul to the people without any help at all.

Like any 10-year-old, Brooklyn has bright dreams for her future. Unlike many other children, however, she’s well on her way to bringing them to fruition.


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