DJ Nina 9 is a mix of guns and roses. You can find The First Lady of Hip-Hop Nation on Sirius XM 44, and Dish Network 6044. On her popular show “Nina 9 drive-by”, the straight shooter holds no punches and brings Hip-Hop to the world uncensored and raw.

The DC native currently residing in Los Angeles. While in school for computer programming and working at a video game store, Nina was asked to be a guest on the former XM Radio show, “The Original Gamers” a radio show for video game fanatics. After becoming a regular on the show, she realized that the radio bug had bitten her. Armed with the drive to succeed and her love of hip-hop, Nina pursued her own radio segment on XM Radio. She started out on the XM satellite radio channel 66 RAW; after a few years she then decided to move up one channel to 67 The City. After a merging of the only two satellite radio companies in the world — Sirius & XM, Sirius XM’s channel 44 Hip-Hop Nation became her home. You can hear DJ Nina 9 on Monday – Friday from 12 to 5 pm.

When she’s not on the air, you can find the 10-year radio vet at the shooting range, or running her organization, The Allegiance, an exclusive group of women across all aspects of the music and entertainment industry. Nina is also training to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She is an expert in Kenpo Karate, Tae Kwon Do and is currently training in Muay Thai to prepare for the challenge. In addition to her love for hip-hop, guns and UFC fighting, DJ Nina 9 has a serious shoe fetish for everything from sneakers to high heels.

Her grind, love of the music, and lifestyle of Hip-Hop keeps her on top of her game. You can find Nina DJ-ing industry events and hosting parties.



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