Some are just born with the willpower to conquer success; Mauie the King Jr. is one of those people. Mauie, who hails from Atlanta, gained his musical influence not just from the musical greats that hail from this illustrious city, but from his own family members. His grandfather, Eugene Merriday, is the creator of the first Rock & Roll song “Oh Gee-The Crows,” his grandmother, Terrie Axam, is a member of Grammy nominated Hip Hop group Arrested Development, and his mother, Jodi Merriday, is a soulful blues vocalist. Their willpower and musical flavor pulses through his veins, just begging for an outlet; success is inevitable.

Mauie is quickly taking the music industry by storm. Since his 2013 official introduction to the music scene, Mauie has worked with artist such as Trinidad James, Johnny Cinco, ILLClinton, and I[A]M.

After the success of his first mixtape “Mixed Feelings,” Mauie The King Jr. followed up with EP Humble Beginnings, which is already putting him in the position to be dubbed one of Hip Hop’s hottest newest artist. Mauie is determined to be the force behind the introduction of a new era of Hip Hop, one of cultural significance and meaning.

Humble Beginnings, which was released this past January, channels a combination of style, creative vibes, and colorful sounds. Mauie proves his capability to overcome being “just another Atlanta rapper.”



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