Two talented and skilled individuals who took on the ambitious task of saving the world one song at a time, joined together in 2012 and formed music production duo, The A-Team. They are Michael “MikeyBeatz” Vulcain and Alain “Fastlain” Mignot. Although taking some inspiration for the name from the classic movie and comic book series of the same title, these rising young musicians also made a pledge to themselves to put out only “A-list caliber music” for their listeners, letting the name remind them every day. Creating from Electro-pop to Hip-Hop, and R&B to Reggae, there is no genre of music that they are not eager to take over. Crossing each other’s paths their first day in high school, little did they know that they would be all-important in each other’s futures. Fast-forwarding to today, not only have they become brothers, but together, Mikeybeatz and Fastlain have created a distinct sound that raises the eyebrows of all listeners who get an earful of their unique tasteful style in record producing.

Fastlain explains, “When my dad and I used to pull up to my elementary school back in the day, we used to sit there together and listen to his classic oldies from artists/bands like Michael Jackson, Prince, and other timeless musicians. My mom would BLARE her reggae, opera, and jazz vinyls though the house, which I thank her for!” Fastlain recalls his early roots in his love for music, which grew especially in hip-hop after borrowing his older brother’s Bone Thugz N Harmony “Crossroads” cassette tape in 1996, at the age of 5. He started creating his own music at the age of 13, in 2004. He later followed his love in music by studying and receiving his degree in the Recording Arts at Full Sail University, in 2011. Following graduation, Fastlain then worked at Circle House Recording Studios in Miami, FL for two years, starting as an intern, and moving up to an audio engineer, before leaving and further pursuing his career as a record producer.

Francis Michael Vulcain, known to many as Mikey Beatz, was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on October 14, 1989. Music was embedded in him at a young age, and when he was 12, his mother bought him his first drum set. All throughout his childhood and teens, percussion was part of his daily life. His middle school days consisted of long hours of jazz and concert band rehearsals. In high school, his cousins Rony Balboa and JP of 1804 Studios let him sit in a session where he watched them use the music sequencing program, FL Studio. He was fascinated by what they were doing and asked them to give him a copy of that program. He made it his goal to be able to develop his own sound and would stay up all night pushing his limits. One day he turned on MTV and heard “You Don’t Want No Drama” by 8ball and MJG, produced by Bangladesh. “That moment changed my life. It made me fall in love with music production. Music became something bigger than me from then on. Throughout my journey, I’ve seen music have the capability to heal, destroy, and create long lasting memories. It has the power of influencing people through sound. As a music producer, you have the power to share a vibe with the world that could mobilize millions to create a special moment in their history. I want people to tie their moments with the sounds we put out. Everyone should have that one song that brings them back to that special memory, moment or place. That’s what we strive for. The ability to create music with great artists and producers who once inspired us to create audible moments that last a lifetime.”

“Sound is powerful and I believe it’s important to use it in the right way.”

There is no doubt that The A-Team will make their stamp on the music industry, but more importantly, they hope to use the influence that music has on the large masses, to motivate people of all kinds to do what they love, be themselves, and follow their dreams.